The separation of spirituality & science is no less necessary than the separation of church & state. Forcing the square peg of science into the round hole of spirituality to give spirituality validity or intellectual weight is a futile endeavor if the one forcing has little experience of either belief system. I know it sounds good, and I know it feels good – but it is neither good science nor experiential spirituality. If you have had spiritual or metaphysical experiences you do not need to label them, or define them to death, or attempt to give it a verbose validation. These experiences are little more than your sensing abilities expanding.

Science is not meant to explore the metaphysical – it is by its nature interested in the ‘known’ observable world. Metaphysics does not need the stamp of approval of the scientific community – explorers in metaphysics have been experiencing and sharing repeatable phenomena for thousands of years. Truth is, the two disciplines are defining and describing two separate realities – science is the study of the form – spirituality and/or metaphysics is the study of the substance.

~ DC Vision



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