Knowing how to discern the difference between spirits & entities is an ability that is often underdeveloped and could be potentially dangerous if a naive spiritual seeker finds their body an unwilling host for a parasitic entity. Many people that I have come into contact with in my years of service have gone blindly into communication with spirit, or have trusted their health and welfare to an inexperienced spiritual teacher. The seeker rarely questions the motives of either. New Age spirituality is a billion dollar a year business. With that kind of money being passed around, it invites all sorts of charlatans and woefully inexperienced individuals.

I have seen too many take it for granted that because spirits & entities are not physical, that they must be more aware then humans are regarding the workings of the metaphysical. The truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. First of all spirit is nothing more than body consciousness after the body has become deceased. An entity is a Self that sheds the body, but because of fear, attachment or other reasons did not ‘go to the light’. Entities are no more intelligent or aware than they were as incarnated humans. They are also just as dishonest and manipulative as they were incarnated. A Self without a body is not going to experience anything besides darkness and confusion if it does not go to the light. That means the last awareness they possessed in a body is the same awareness they have without one.

Spirit is the disembodied dream. Entities are the disembodied dreamers. Spirits are harmless. Entities can be potentially very harmful. Spirits do not need a body to ‘survive’. Entities require a host body to continue existing in this reality. Spirit can only present itself as what it was in its lifetime – be it the personality of the grandmother, brother, parent, child, friend, etc. Aside from some characteristics of the persona lived in its life, spirits have no deep or enlightening things to offer. Mediumship readings are essentially a laundry list of attachments and lingering behavioral patterns between spirit and people still here that the spirit resonates with.

Entities, however, are a completely different creature altogether. They need to either move in on your body’s energies without asking, or be invited in by gullible spiritual seekers that want the mysterious visitor to be their ‘spirit guide’. People are not even aware that they allow their bodies to become hosts for these parasitic entities. They rarely question the quality of information being offered. Be it a holy figure, and angel, an alien emissary, or whatever guise it takes – I have never once read or heard any channeled or offered information that exceeded what a 13 year old girl could come up with. But the person gets intoxicated on the mysterious connection.

Without a body, an earthbound Self attaches itself to the most likely candidate that is still incarnated, be it a loved one, friend, or someone they resonate with through appetites such as drugs, drinking, or sexuality. The physical consumption of being incarnated is changed to an emotional consumption. It is through your emotions that these parasitic entities get to again feel alive. Over time they become very adept at tweaking severe mood swings in the host. Drugs and alcohol are the easiest and most common way to offer your body as a potential host for a parasitic entity. The lower the body’s natural defenses and your personal will, the easier it is to parasite.

The most common place to pick up a parasitic entity is in a hospital or nursing home. This is for two reasons – number one it is likely where their bodies have died, and number two both buildings are full of weakened immune systems. A body with a healthy immune system can easily defend against a mild parasitic attack. But a body under anaesthesia or distracted by trauma is like having the house unlocked while thieves are roaming about. When the immune system is unable to remove the parasite then more drastic measures are undertaken. Many ‘incurable’, ‘unexplained’ illnesses can be directly attributed to a body trying to fight off a parasitic entity. I know, I have removed over 1000 of them over the years and in all cases the mysterious ailments disappeared within a few days.

Most bodies can drive out an inexperienced parasitic entity with fevers or other mild forms of quick responses. If the entity has been around for some time however, and has learned how to move from body to body it may have become very adept at using a body up before moving on to the next. The goal of the body when confronted with these unwelcomed guests is to make the body as uncomfortable as possible. Many unexplained, sudden illnesses can be readily explained if one imagined a defensive battle taking place within the body. The more uncomfortable the body appears in an unexplained illness, the more likely it is dealing with a very adept parasite.

Stripped away of the romanticism and mysterious nature of what inexperienced seekers think are spirits, we can soon begin to get a picture of the unhealthy relationship of parasite and host that has existed nearly unchecked for millenia between embodied humans and disembodied humans. Many spiritual seekers never question the identity or motives of ‘helpful’ entities, and fall headlong into the romanticism of having a special relationship with a very ‘knowledgable’ teacher. It makes no more sense to surrender your personal space to an unseen entity stranger than it does to invite human strangers into your home without any reservation. I do not make these claims without a wealth of experience.

I also had a circle of ‘spirit guides’ in my early years as a seeker. It was what the teachers in the spirituality class told me was the correct guidance to have. They were all except one Native American. As a beginner I felt so honored and special to have them assisting me. But given my nature to question answers to death until I run out of questions to ask, I noticed very early on the limited guidance and outright incorrect information I was often receiving from them. I saw the same relationship with the people I was going to classes with. Their ‘guides’ offered very basic wisdom that the seeker likely already knew, but because the information came from these ‘spirit guides’ it somehow gained more depth than was evident. Entities are exceptionally cunning at telling their hosts whatever they emotionally desire to hear.

Not all entities are bad/evil. Some are just frightened souls that do not know how to move on, or do not want to for whatever attachment they have here in this world. But in order for a disembodied soul to experience anything earthbound it must have a body to exist within. Without a body’s sense organs it is essentially darkness. That might explain why the light is such an unmistakably bright white light. It is designed to draw the newly separated Self to their next physical destination.

The entities that have spent a very long time here have lost their morality or sense of humanity for the most part and can be very close to what one might label ‘evil’ or a ‘demon’. They move from host to host and leave a trail of used up bodies and emotionally traumatized people in their wake. I have battled with some very potent nasty parasitic entities in my day. Without a body to experience within, they must attach to another unconscious Self that still possesses a physical body.

I purposely did not get very deep into spirits. I have never come across a spirit that was anything but harmless, albeit on occasion a bit annoying. Mediums are essentially just tapping into the dreams that your loved ones had while incarnated. That ‘seeing my life pass before my eyes’ episode is the Self being stripped of its spirit before making the journey to the light. This is why most people that return from a near death experience and witness the panoramic life view often become spiritually advanced individuals having had their fictions stripped away. Key to remember is spirits are the dream, entities are the dreamer.

What I would suggest, for those who are open to at least questioning their relationship with ‘spirit’ is this – do the research on them. When they give you an identity, such as Chief LottsaBull, or Cleopatra, or Jesus, or Archangel Michael, etc etc…question them, and do not accept half answers. If they truly possess such a wealth of information or holiness then they should know the basics such as…full name, place of incarnation, date of incarnation, description of surroundings during incarnation. And check the facts. If it is a famous personality, especially religious figures, ask yourself why are they working with me, and does my awareness and emotional state reflect being aided by such a holy master?

Always question your own motives. How does your relationship with this ‘spirit’ make you feel? Are you feeling special because they have chosen you to working with? Are you ignoring all the times that this entity has steered you wrong, or didn’t know anything that you couldn’t have figured out yourself? Is it fear of self-reliance that keeps you needing an external teacher and guide? Beginners in Self awareness will not be happy with me saying that spirit guides, angels, channelled beings, and visitations by holy figures are parasitic entities. But I am just as experienced as any medium or spiritual teacher that is incapable of questioning their money makers and their standing in a very competitive spiritual community.

The information in this essay are my perceptions based on my experiences, during and after my relationship first working with, then eventually removing entities from a parasitic role with people. If you are not even going to question your knowledge of, or relationship with ‘spirit’, then I would guess that you are where you will be. I do not remove parasitic entities from anyone that does drugs or drinks alcohol – to any degree. I do not remove parasitic entities from anyone that is still at a level of awareness where they welcome them into their lives dabbling into witchcraft, ouija boards etc. And I do not use my precious time scanning everyone with emotional issues to see if they have one…so don’t ask.

~ DC Vision


Parasitic Entities — 27 Comments

  1. DC came to the conclusion that in the physical, parasitic entities attached themselves to the hollow point where the skull meets the spinal cord (around the atlas and axis vertebrae).
    Apart from the advice I give below, I do not have anything further to offer those who may have spiritual parasites. It is my belief, however, that the advice I give below, together with DC’s article above, are sufficient.

    I am closing comments on this topic. That does not mean that we are not sympathetic to those who wish for further advice, but that we have no further advice to offer.

    Please read the article and the comments here, and act on what you read. Parasitic entities can be like an addiction, and it takes a good deal of sustained effort to change your life enough to break any addiction. We do not seek to minimise the difficulty, but to ask you to follow our advice for a prolonged period of time.

    In summary: break free from “friends” and situations who drain your energies (but also learn techniques for blocking attacks as well);
    receive therapy and healing for any addictions that you have;
    download and study the texts given here: ;
    play uplifting and spiritual music, and meditations such as as recommended above also;
    be certain that if you need a healer in your life that one will manifest, provided you do your part by following the above advice.
    love and blessings

  2. I am 100 percent sure this is in my neck! Can you give me a contact to get this removed?


    • I am sorry that you feel attacked by a parasitic entity, and understand completely that you want it removed.

      I hope that you come to the attention of a Master Healer who can help you. To help yourself do that, it will be important that you change your lifestyle sufficiently to stop the entity returning to you – DC became convinced that those he healed had little incentive to change their lives sufficiently to avoid picking up another parasite, or indeed the same one.
      He felt that things that weakened the personal will, like needy “friends”, alcohol, drugs, made it a lot easier to pick one up and keep it. He also said that I wouldn’t get one because I had spiritually developed myself enough with meditation and purification that they wouldn’t be able to get near me. So, a few ideas for you to try there.

  3. I met someone online, had an INTENSE connection … and then not long after spiraled into a breakdown that I later was able to label as pretty text-book ptsd. The person I connected with was not well, I later discovered he was essentially a narcissist, or at least disordered and abusive. He was also not particularly physically well, along with his mental and emotional issues. Despite his state, we had a connection like I’ve never known. All of our interactions were through text, and online (including video), never in-person.

    At one point, when I first started to have feelings for him, I had this experience … I was reading an email from him … an email that made me feel like he was my soul mate … and email that made me feel like he understood me like no one I’d ever known … and then I had this intense mental imagery and feeling ~ as though a rope was shooting out from my abdomen and flying through space and time and connecting to him. It made me hunch over, I was standing by my bed. It was mostly a mental vision, but there was a physical feeling to it. A rope, light in color and kind of bright, … just shooting out and connecting us. I didn’t sleep for 3 days and 2 nights … I was WIRED. My stomach was in knots, unlike anything I had ever experienced. I thought I loved him. His humor. His mind.

    It all fell apart within a few months. It never turned sexual, but it was overwhelming. After it ended … I spent a long time dealing with symptoms of trauma, I almost left my family, I was experiencing this floating ego-death like state at times, I was having depersonalization … I thought I was going insane … then I realized I was experiencing text-book ptsd … and SEVERE Chronic Fatigue.

    I have slowly pulled myself out of it, through much prayer and establishing a safe environment and social group. I’m still healing. 2012 was a bad, bad year for me. … I chalked it up to the several years of extreme stess and isolation leading up to the incident, I chalked it up to childhood trauma I had not fully processed previously, I chalked it up to health problems causing my fatigue … I chalked it up to a cocktail of things, I thought that my frienship with the narcissist was just ‘the final straw’ in the line of stressors.

    But, despite much sleep and relaxation, and addressing health issues … I have continued to have symptoms that I didn’t know how to interpret… mainly its just a slight change in personality, and less tolerance or interest in my husband, and questioning life choices that I hadn’t previously questioned at all … I’ve also had out of character behaviour especially angry outbursts (I think of it as a sign of ptsd, or having been traumatized) … but my fatigue is the biggest issue … that and slight personality changes.

    Anyway, I likely need to clear a parasitic entity. I feel it came on most strong after my traumatizing interaction(s) with my ‘friend’. I have just recently learned about chakras and entity attachment… Also, I live a clean life – free of drugs and alcohol, in a faithful christian marriage … etc.

  4. There are at least two possibilities here: firstly, that you were attacked by the entity that was draining your “friend” through your connection with him. Secondly, that you allowed your “friend” to drain your energies and became weak enough for an entity to invade you.
    There is also the possibility that your connection with this “friend” was so shattering and draining that it was that alone that did it – I do know the mainstream therapy community would prefer this explanation. I do think that a lot of therapy cases involve parasitic entities as well as parasitic people (is there a difference?) I have seen several strange cures in clients that couldn’t be attributed to anything else.
    Keep in touch. I have emailed you privately.

  5. It’s a little frightening reading this. I’ve always been deeply curious and sensed things outside of normal reach. I’ve been through a difficult time and having many dark thoughts. I started to sense that some of these thoughts were less “my thoughts” and more conversational. I felt an awful presence in the back of my neck. I confronted it inside my head, and without going into too much detail, forced it away. The change in my feeling and energy was changed over the course of a night. I feel different, but still vulnerable. Would you be willing to offer me some advice?

  6. You are discriminating between the body and the self. Good. You are watching the thoughts, and from the perspective of the self whether the thoughts are originating from your body or some parasitic entity isn’t as important as you might think.

    The key when you are watching these thoughts is not to get involved with them, not to give them life and energy, but just to allow them to be what they are. They are NOT you.
    At times when you are unable to watch the thoughts, but get immersed in them and start fighting or whatever, then you need to have in hand some other things to think about which are more attractive and preferably uplifting. Art, music, walking, dancing, reading are all good. I have many suggestions on my own site which you may find useful, depending on your nature. You can also listen to the recordings of DC reading his own writings on this website.
    Circulating the body’s energies through the fire above the crown is a useful purifying meditation: a good version is on Malkah’s website . Turn up the volume through a stereo- I doubt if any parasitic energies would hang around through this.
    If you wish to chat to me directly, I’m open to that – you can contact me through and we can chat using Paltalk at a time convenient to both of us.
    Love and Blessings

  7. I’ve been struggling with clearing my root and heart chakras, even bought the same book twice and cannot get myself through it. I found the Elemental Chakra Meditation immediately helpful; things were leaving that no longer found me comfortable! TERRIFIC!

    • Thank you for the feedback. And well done for doing something differently when the first things didn’t work for you.

  8. I know I have at least 3 parasitic entities on me, and I need to get them off – especially one of them that is sitting behind my head draining my mind… is there anyone that can remove these things remotely?? please help.

    • Please follow the methods outlined in these comments, and let us know how you get on with them.

      • Nothing helps – is there no one who can remove them the way that this DC Vision did? (..”I have removed over 1000 of them over the years”..)

        • There are healers around.
          What did you try, though? Did you do the elemental meditation? What other methods of meditation and spiritual purification have you tried?
          No master healer like DC will help you unless you have gone some way in changing the conditions of your life that encouraged the parasite in. It would be a waste of their time and energy, and a Master never wastes energy.

          Don’t give up. Perhaps what is needed that you demonstrate to the universe and the entities themselves that you have really changed your habits, and that you have no intention of slipping back into whatever ways you had that were attracting these things.

          • I’m being literally tortured here and you’re telling me to change my habits?? Would you say that to a person being tortured in real life?? I had a major depression almost 9 years ago and since then I’ve been struggling with attacks from various entities. I also have 3 large holes in my aura that I can see every now and then, and my energy is just leaking out. Where are these healers???

            • I’m not telling you to do anything. I am pointing out to you that if you wish to make your body immune from this kind of parasitic attack then you must change your life completely. That is the cost, as I see it.

              Of course there are many healers who help out at various sites on the internet, not least in Paltalk, in the “religion and spirituality” section. You may find someone to work with long-distance, or face-to-face, on one of these sites. It might well be that this could be used as a temporary measure to strengthen your aura while you straighten your life out.

              I felt some anger there! Anger is a good antidote to depression – I think it is impossible to be both angry and depressed at the same time. However, in order not to cause problems in its own right the energy of anger must be channelled into creativity, into passionate action. Something for you to think about.

  9. In this cabin I have always felt a presence. I would wake up during the night and would listen to my husband breath and would here someone else breathing. Twice I saw white fluffy stuff going through the bedroom door. This cabin has had noise since the first day.
    My husband passed away and my grand-daughter moved in with me, she was a freshman in HS. I fixed the small bedroom for her. This bedroom was attached to the other rooms. Then we added a laundry room and then a large bedroom.

    The first night I heard her coming out to my room- she stated “Gram there is so much noise out there, can I sleep with you? I could hear the noise but it was not to loud in the back room.

    10 months ago I smugged my house,I have a select comfort bed which you use a pump to fill the mattress. My pump was not good so I would fill it to where I wanted and put a plug on the mattress. I was sitting in my chair at the computer. My bed started filling up my chair with me in it started going up and down. I had to hurry and pull the plug on the mattress or it was going to burst. The pump was not plugged into the bed and was not plugged into an outlet!!! This happened during day light. When I went to bed I could not believe the growling outside my window. I thought coy dogs. The next night it was even worse.It was out side my window again and then I heard scratching, and then it was outside my bedroom door growling. I never saw it, what I did see was foot prints coming up my bed. I felt it brush me.

    My son has disowned me tried to get my brother and sister to have me committed.I have never lied about any of this. I have not slept in my bed-I have not sat on my couch-I have not sat in my recliner. I have slept on the floor for 9 months. And even now that is not working!! I need some help.

    I think I have a parasitic entitie! I think I transferred them to my couch and recliner. I can feel what I can only explain as “worms” in my legs. I can see them moving- and it is getting really bad. I was awaken at 5 am and my entire body was moving. If you think you can help me I would really appreciate it. I am getting a little scared now. Thank you. Linda

    • What is immediately obvious to me is that if these spirits exist, they aren’t harmful, or you would know it by now. It may be that you are to share your cabin with them. They don’t sound like parasites to me.
      I would try and find a local clairvoyant or medium who might be able to reassure you, or shed some light onto this for you. If they cannot find anything, it doesn’t mean you are insane OR a liar, but it does mean you need to work with these apparitions as if they are parts of you – like imaginary friends, if you like.
      Get back to me when the place has been checked out.

  10. I grew up sheltered with an overbearing mother whom over the years has shown me nothing but the signs of a narcissist and possibly a person who practices witchcraft. My life has had abnormal patterns of relationships failing or always hitting the same brick wall. My mother has shown obvious signs of disliking or hating me. I lost all of the family member who were the ones who cared for me. Everyone else who is left takes my mother’s side and I basically am alone with my son; who is my only light. I was an innocent victim to a girl who practiced witchcraft attacking me with her craft for years. I was only a single mother trying to make it. This girl traumatized me for ten years coming out to my home, stalking, harassing me. She was the cause of my losing a great job, turned coworkers, and friends against me to the point that my character was questioned. I lost a man to her that I was desperately in love with. He was in love with me too but it was as if there was some invisible force blocking him from giving in to me. I tried to fight her the only way I knew how through prayer through the Christian church but it grew into an unbearable situation to where I began to fight her back with means of witchcraft. That was seven years ago. I managed to get witchcraft out of my life and my home for about two or three years now. Funny thing, I was just recently hired by a contractor of the same company I lost my job to years ago. The exact same scenario occurred on the new job and I met a guy who fell for me and I fell for him as well. Once again, though he verbalizes his desire to be with me and his feelings for me its that same brick wall. Communication stops cold for no reason. Just like the last job with this company I lost the job. I believe my mothers witchcraft against me is the cause of a lot of this. The worst thing of all is I have had strange health issues and I am currently battling parasites. Real parasites that I feel moving around in my private areas. I REALLY need your help. I am starting to lose hope and thinking of going back to using witchcraft. Please help before I go in the wrong direction.
    Btw….I don’t drink, smoke or anything like that. I am simply a single mom with Sickle Cell Anemia and enough worries without all the added parasitic entities or parasites. Please Help Me.

    • Hi RhondaLyn.
      The standard text for you is “Psychic Self-Defence” by Dion Fortune. It is freely downloadable from but a used hard copy can be purchased at low cost.
      I recommend that you learn about shielding and vacuuming, an excellent technique for psychic protection, and you can use that to give you space while you read the book. I published the technique in full on my website, here: . Print it out and use it morning and evening, espessially when in contact with any suspected attackers. Do contact me when you have started with this technique and I’ll let you know how you are doing.

      Don’t forget, when you start shielding yourself you will make your attackers angry. That in itself will be a good guide for you as to who is doing what, and that what you are now doing is working. No-one likes being deprived of their sources of food, and that is what you will be trying to do. It will be difficult – repeating patterns are always a sign that Karma is acting in your life to draw your attention to something that needs attention.
      You can contact me through the contact page on my website, or through the private messaging system on this website, when you are ready.

  11. I know I have parasitic entities in my forehead and spine. I briefly experimented with drugs ten years ago and drunk alcohol heavily at some points in my life. I got a lot of readings and spiritual and reiki healings, which may have also invited parasitic entities. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate, I get tired very fast from doing anything, I can’t spend much time around anyone, everything drains me. Little changes can set off depersonalization periods in me, I was even losing consciousness, very frightening. I was a traget of several psychic attacks, one of which happened during meditation, so I am scared to meditate now. I’ve been psychotic many times, I am very scared for the wellbeing of my family as it is affecting all my loved ones, especially my mom, the parasitic entities have been destroying her health as she sometimes prayes for everything bad to avoid me, but go on her instead. So I did the same and I can feel them much stronger now. What can I do to get rid of them?

  12. Hello i have been possessed by big jellyfish , snake like astral spirits . About three and all my chakras are infested i am drained of my vitality and energy i cant get out of bed and i have no energy so i have severe depression. I feel numb because i assume my nervous system has been affected too.. I cant feel love i dont feel like myself anymore the entites put negative thoughts in my head . I visited so many shamans and spiritual healers spent thousands and they were as to remove some earth bound spirits and cut chords but none of then were able to see or remove the astral parasites.. I am suffering and i am working alot at fixing myself because these probably came to me because of very bad karma and im changing my ways and trying to lose my bad traits like anger etc

    • I have also been told that my auraic sheiled has been completely damaged and sliced which means anything can come in because my defenses are messed up

  13. Greetings! i am currently having an extremely intense struggle with an entity as described in this post. It has already robbed me of a year of my life and is incredibly powerful. I do not drink or do drugs but it still seems to have an Iron grip on my day to day life. I was wondering if there was someone out there who could help me. thank you.

    • As with all those who comment here, do work with the suggestions that are given above for a few weeks at least. Let us know how you get on with that.
      Love and Blessings

  14. Namaste…I am wanting help/advice concerning what I think is a parasitic energy. I have on 3 separate occassions awoken in the middle of the night feeling really frightened because I sense something in my bedroom and then have actually seen it. The first time i awoke and saw it, it was in the form of a black floaty sheet that was hovering/floating above my bed, and the 2nd & 3rd times it was in the shape of a black cloud.
    I have smudged my house and room and do so on a regular basis and have recently started meditating with protective crystals which have helped ward off the feeling of being drained/and walking around in a zombie like state void of feeling but still functional. I also keep a couple of protective crystals on either side of my bed, but am wondering shy it is still around as the last time I saw it was about a week ago when I started meditating with crystals. Although I was initially scared at first I was quick to calm myself for fear of feeding it energy and I noticed there were 3 shiny yellow stars in this dark cloud and something seemed different around the edges of it…
    I also flood my room and wardrobe with as much fresh air and sunlight as I can and am wondering what else I can do to rid myself of this any advice would be appreciated thank you…

    p.s. Another thing I felt was strange was that I could never remember my dreams yet I knew I had had a dream/dreams. Since Ive started using the crystals I can actually remember my dreams now…and I feel like Ive actually slept and not jus had my eyes closed.

  15. Apart from the advice I give above, I do not have anything further to offer those who may have spiritual parasites. It is my belief, however, that the advice I give above, together with DC’s article, are sufficient.

    I am closing comments on this topic. That does not mean that we are not sympathetic to those who wish for further advice, but that we have no further advice to offer.

    Please read the article and the comments above, and act on what you read. Parasitic entities can be like an addiction, and it takes a good deal of sustained effort to change your life enough to break any addiction. We do not seek to minimise the difficulty, but to ask you to follow our advice for a prolonged period of time.

    In summary: break free from “friends” and situations who drain your energies (but also learn techniques for blocking attacks as well);
    receive therapy and healing for any addictions that you have;
    download and study the texts given here: ;
    play uplifting and spiritual music, and meditations such as as recommended above also;
    be certain that if you need a healer in your life that one will manifest, provided you do your part by following the above advice.
    love and blessings