When the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you are beginning or are a seasoned veteran of the spiritual journey then you will likely come into contact with an experienced guide, or be one of the rare ones who have an innate sense of aligning with their own inner guidance. To know whether or not a teacher is serving your best interest at this point in your journey depends solely if they are trying to get you to an awareness where you will no longer need them.Teachers come and go along the path, and knowing this can help ease attachments.


A teacher should be helping you to get direct communication with your inner voice. Teachers should likewise not be charging money for their services, as the exchange of money becomes a distraction ladened with expectations for both people involved. Receiving gifts or donations is acceptable as long as it is not expected. A teacher is provided for. Never too much, and never too little to distract from their service work. But do be aware that sometimes your donations are the support being offered by the universe.


Once you threshold into advanced awareness you should not need the tutelage of a guide for anything but minor adjustments as new awarenesses become available to you. A teacher will always tell you the bare minimum in order to get you relying on your own inherent ability to find your inner channel. A great teacher will help you to see how you think, as opposed to filling your head with what to think. What we think is largely conjecture & speculation, but realizing how we think is often what makes the difference between being unconscious and awakened.


There is no need to veil information in heavily mysterious tones. A teacher’s language should be practical. If a teacher is being unnecessarily esoteric or elusive towards you, then you may be dealing with someone who is trying to impress you with their mysteriousness. Selfless teaching is not so mysterious. The goal should be to find you the shortest path that is available so that you might begin to function in health and awareness in the least amount of time necessary. If it isn’t about you and your growth, but seems to be about the teacher and their appearance, then it might serve you best to move on and find someone devoted to serving the student and not themselves.


Do not confuse a teacher’s pace, however, with their ability to serve you. There is often a matter of timing involved in attaining awareness. The teacher should, though, in very straightforward terms be sharing the process with you as best as you are able to discern the language used. There should not be anything secretive going on, or mysterious. This only serves the teacher’s appearance and not the student, who has a right to know what they are getting into.


The most important thing to keep in mind once you enter into the advanced awareness is that what worked and was useful in entry-level spiritual awarenesses will most likely have little to no bearing. A teacher has every right in the world to turn you away if they feel you are not ready, or that you are hanging onto obsolete thinking. Be respectful of your teachers as you are taking up their valuable time, but also be mindful of the teacher and their goals or possible motivations. Like any level of teacher/student relationship, discernment is key.


~ DC Vision


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