Some of you are becoming aware of some of the subtle ways that the separation between the Self and the body are manifesting. Perhaps the most obvious is experiencing your body reacting to different stimuli. You likely do not recall that your body’s reactions used to be your reactions. There was no delineation between what your body felt and who you believed you were.

I have heard more than a few people remark about the funny way the body reacts to situations. The most common sensation is the gut area getting tight with anger or fear. You have always identified these feelings as your reactions to experiences, but you are now coming into that waking experience where the body is objectified and its reactions are separate from you. This may not seem like much, but it is a huge breakthrough in your development.

Experiment with this new found separation. To give an example, my body is very fearful of heights. I can be watching a movie or television program where the actor is suddenly at the edge of a precipice and the body’s gut clenches tightly and there is a wave of vertigo that washes over the nervous system. Think about it…the Self knows it is just a movie, and there that is no danger of me personally falling over that cliff or off of the building, but the body identifies with the body it sees on the screen. I have a similar experience when I see someone hitting the ground hard either by accident or stupidity…the anus clenches and I feel a shudder up my body’s spine. This means that my body has a consciousness separate from my own. It reacts to its environment in completely different ways than I do when assessing situations.

You can especially feel this separation between Self and body watching your favorite sports team in a close scoring game. My whole body gets into fits watching my team play American football every Sunday during season. In fact after the game my body is nearly exhausted from the constant chemicals washing over its nervous system as the leading score changes hand from team to team over the three and a half hours. I used to watch football before I woke up years ago and never noticed that my body was going through convulsions of sorts. All I knew was I felt like hell before, during and after games as I experiences the whole spectrum of emotions that the game induced.

Identification. Can you see what I am getting at here? It might seem silly and simple but from one who knows, this is a sign of definitive progress. Most important these days is to remember that language does matter in helping to bring forth new awareness, so catch yourself saying ‘I’ when you mean ‘the body’. Objectify objectify objectify. Using intent with your language is yet another way to create new awareness and to finally end your identification with the fiction.

~DC Vision


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