My chosen legal name is DC Vision. I was reincarnated on February 19th, 1965 at about 4am EST in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. My mother went into labor in Aquarius, and I screamed my emergence in Pisces. I was the youngest of 13 children, some alive at the time, some not. I was an uncle 15 years before my birth. I was the second child born to my mother’s second marriage, where mother and daughter married brothers…which made my sister’s children my cousins, as well as my nephews & nieces. Although it might not sound it, that was a perfectly legal communion.

My parents were not lovers. They were not lovers with one another, and they were not lovers of their children. They arrived in each others’ company years ago very damaged goods. They received an education in love by ancestors that knew nothing of emotional consolation and encouragement. They arrived at each other from a place of necessity, a place of fear.

I am but one of the products of this unbalanced relationship. There was no physical touching in our house. I never heard my mother say “I love you” to any of her children. She was not a monster…she was a product. We are not victims…we are effects of effects of effects. Although having lived 25 years with my father, he died a stranger to me. I knew precious little of what made him wake up each day, and pick up a script that he had grown uninterested in years before my birth. I was a walk-on in his movie.

With that domestic situation it is no wonder that I grew up exploring the 75 acres of old growth woods behind my parent’s home. I had never figured out the need for an entourage of friends, so my journeys into the unknown were always solo affairs. I was a very popular child with my peers, but turned my back on the attention from a very early age. I was on my own channel. The channel my peers were on held zero allure for me. From as far back as I can remember, I was an original thinker. I did not know that there was anything special about that at the time, but have since felt very blessed by my nature.

I was also very blessed with parents that were entirely materialistic. They were not collectors of things, but they were people with no outward expression of philosophy or religion. The town I grew up in in New Hampshire was staunchly secular. Public displays of religious fervor were severely frowned upon. So I was enabled to grow up with a clean slate for beliefs. This is an enormous luxury – ask anyone trying to fit the religion of their parents or culture into their present day awareness.

School was absolutely dreadful to me. I figured out real early on that the system was meant to make good citizens out of you. The rewards were given to those children that demonstrated a good ability to memorize and repeat what they were told to read. You can see why so many seekers of truth are still stuck in this vicarious awareness. Most spiritual people I have met have never had an original thought in their life, and any experiences they managed to have were already pre-labeled and predetermined. The whole human nature trip was not going to work for me.

I arrived not liking this world aside from my explorations of nature. The deeply carved path of school, more school, marraige & children, work & death was simply not appealing to me…and I fought it every step of the way. So I walked through my formative years with labels…lazy, difficult, asshole, jerk, weirdo, space cadet, etc. Most of the years between school and the horse trip were a long line of angry lovers, boring soul numbing jobs, and no interest in social settings. I was exploring inward and outward every step of my life.

So as my PalTalk profile reads: I am not a follower of any discipline, teacher, philosophy, author or religion. I am an explorer by nature – both inward & outward. The early biography is a script. It represents a time that I was not Self aware, but the tools and detachment for becoming awake were already in place. The only thing I could possibly add to that is that I am wide awake, and complete unto my Self. The rest of the story leading up to now is in my writings here…

~ DC Vision


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