I received a communication today (Aug 26th) from James, DC’s student and nephew.

Aerist, Its James. I am very sad to tell you that DC ‘s body has passed away from a Heart attack At 3:30pm (EST) Friday 24th. He has been the closest person in my life and I will miss him very much. I think it’s time to talk on the phone sometime soon.  I am sad to think that you need to hear this or that it has even happened. I was really looking forward to the work we were going to do this October. More than half of his belonging were in boxes so I guess it was just his time. I saw him yesterday. So we should get in contact. Send me an Email and we can talk. I would like that. Bless you Aerist.

Sincerely James

DC was, from last winter, very much looking forward to his passing, and what the future held in store for him. The death of his body held no fears for him, and his affairs were always in order.

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DC’s Passing Aug 24th, 2012 — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll leave the first comment. On the Tuesday before DC’s passing we were chatting on the phone, and he was telling me that his still-expanding awareness seemed to have changed direction somewhat, but he didn’t have the words to describe it yet. He said that rather than going from here to there, he wondered if there was coming here.
    During that conversation I told him I had been playing with the Tarot, and had asked the question “DC?” He said “and the answer was?”
    The past leading up to this time: 3W, which I interpreted as a good foundation laid in a creative project, which is going well, and with recognised potential. More hard work will follow.
    The present: Death, which I interpreted as the end of one period of life, the letting go, and the moving on to a new period. We wondered if this had to do with his move to Blue Hill, scheduled for next week, and what that presaged. Actually, it meant, literally, the body’s Death.
    The Future if the present is dealt with appropriately:10C which is complete emotional fulfilment, although with the cards I was using (The Mythic) I commented that it showed a situation being raised to divine status.
    I think we can wish DC well on his onward and upward journey with confidence.
    Love and blessings, DC, my dear friend and teacher. Go for it (although you have never needed anyone to tell you that before!) and, if it’s possible, give us a wave from time to time.

  2. My dearest friend and teacher. One of the very few people that actually could see past the facade that others call life and personality.
    He is never afraid to do and that his empathy made him unique:)
    We shared the enjoyment of music and dancing and having fun in a manner that was both clean and innocent. Please send my regards and hugs to his sister & kitties. Aerist thank you for being there for him and James now it is your time to step up to the plate.
    Love and Blessings and I know he is around [smiles]

  3. Corvus was an interesting character. I enjoyed his company, I spent a year with him on paltalk. I’m sad to hear of his passing, he waited so long to get his apartment and passing away only a week away from the great move, so sad. Im glad that he wont have to suffer from pain any longer. Best wishes on your journey Corvus, I will think of you when the crows are calling. Best wishes to his sister also.

  4. i met DC in his chat as-well, i haven’t talked to him in a long while and feel bad cos i didn’t get to say bye, we love you DC! see you on the other side buddy!! ill meet you in the truck stop! i know you’ll be the hansom bloak sat at the bar!

  5. So it seems that letter to the body really was a farewell-letter. Had a strange dream this morning, before seeing your email, Aerist. Don’t know what to make of it. Godspeed to DC, wherever he is heading.

  6. WOW! I just talked to Corvus a few weeks ago, he had been on Paltalk and had his room open and something called me to come on Paltalk which I do not do often and he was there so I stopped by to chat with my old friend and Brother. I am sad to hear he has moved on to the next realm. As I sit here I can feel his presences as if saying, “Will you all quit fussing for christ sakes! It was just a body!” I am going to miss him in this world. He read me some of his new writing and I told him it was the best stuff he had written and I loved it. He was getting ready to leave and wanted to make sure he left what he needed to for those who had the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the open hearts to feel what is in those words. Thanks Corvus for spending a short time with us all. We will see you soon old friend and Brother.

  7. I just wanted to share my memories of DC Vision/Corvus as a talented, humorous lover of music and nature. We spoke on Pal of life, travelling, people, corvids and nature and one of my favourite ever pictures posted on his profile was of the baby crow – so cocky, inquisitive, full of life and superior. DC Vision well named himself Corvus for he had all those attributes and more – a bright and genuine light in the world. Despite whatever state of ‘readiness’ DC may have been in I shall miss him on Pal, as will many. Safe journey, DC.

  8. On the one hand, this body mourns DC’s passing on this anniversary of his death. That despite his readiness and his own enthusiasm to take the next step on his journey, a true friend was lost.

    On the other hand, the Self celebrates the end of a great soul’s incarnation, and remains in contact with that essence to this day.

    DC used to say frequently that as a human being he was utterly insignificant, but as a Self he had power beyond imagining. He said that was true of all of us, of course – that we were just spread out on the way up the mountain, whereas he was at the top of this particular one.

    His dearest hope was that his reservoir of writings would help others begin to realise what life is actually about, and, if they were ready, to make those difficult and irrevocable first steps to join him at the summit.

    Love and blessings to us all

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  9. Just a short note on the second anniversary of DC’s passing. I feel his presence often today, probably because today he has been much in my thoughts.
    We have nearly 210k visits to the blog, so his words are still being read and doing their valuable work of awakening. The pdf’s of his writings have been downloaded 19 times so far this month alone. Pages read (excluding the home page) are typically headed by /parasitic-entities/ with 924 views, and then links-to-audio-recordings/ (701), /the-weight-of-fiction/ (271), /journey-to-a-spiritual-life/ (185), /december-21-2012/ (174), /high-anxiety-awareness/ (163), /vibration-awareness/ (151) ,/astral-ponderings/ (149), /dcs-writings-as-mp3-files/ (149) ,/spiritual-drug-use/ (148), and then around 2000 views spread over the rest, and that’s just this month.

    That would be keeping anyone pretty busy!

    Love and Blessings to us all.

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