I want you to lay down in a swimming pool. Face down, eyes closed. Let your body sink to the center of the water. Now just float there for a while. Water above. Water below. Water to each side. Water in your body. Breathing water. Not cold. Not hot. Just right. Feel that water until you are the water.

Simply let go of separation and be the oneness of that water. You are the water. You feel one with that water. There is no water. There is no body. There is only you. Undifferentiated. No thought. No up. No down. No time. No space. Just you. Every thing is gone. There is only you being deceived by your brain.

Remain face down. Float to the surface of the swimming pool. Every thing is still one. Your body is still one with the water. Leave it in the center of the pool. You are not the body. Your awareness only – rises face down to the top surface of the pool. Your body, its thoughts, the physical pool and the water in it are all one big amazing oneness.

That oneness in its entirety is now as a whole beneath you. Feel your awareness as just a face. Feel your face lying flush within the water. Leaving the face in the oneness of the pool, pull your Self out of the pool into the empty space above it. Hold this awareness for a little while.

Think ‘I am This’ – and while sensing that big oneness of a pool you just backed out of, think ‘every thing else is that’. Gently lower your awareness back into the face you left on the surface of the pool. Feel the oneness of the water through that face again. Pull your awareness back out of the face and pool and water and be aware that ‘I am This, all else is that’.

For those of you that did experience what I placed before you, I have only three things to say to you to contemplate upon. ‘Asleep’ is being the body in that pool of water. ‘Enlightenment’ is still wearing the face that you left on the surface of the pool. ‘Awake’ is leaving the face, the pool, the water and the body in all their glorious ‘oneness’ behind.

I am This, all else is that. The body is my access to that. I am not my body. Repeat exercise until you no longer identify with the face, the pool, the water or the body that has drowned in the pool.

~ DC Vision


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