Telepathy is something many spiritual people see as an advanced ability that humans have ‘lost’. We did not forget it, and we did not lose it – we evolved past it. Language and writing allowed more efficient, complex and abstract communication to emerge. Anyone that has witnessed nature in action will have seen telepathy at work in different species, such as an entire flock of birds or school of fish changing direction in an instant. We as humans still have it to some degree, but rarely give it more than a bemused thought – such as knowing when someone is about to call you, the bond between mother and child, or thinking about the next song on the radio before it plays, etc.

As someone that comes as close to possible to mind reading, I can assure you that being nakedly connected to other minds is not something to strive for. You might not be happy with someone’s honest opinion of you, or worse yet their honest attraction to you. If you think about it the average person’s internal dialogue would sound schizophrenic and hardly worth a glance. I value the safe and peaceful private room between my ears, and if you consider it you probably do, too.

The Self when awake is aware of its environment by clairsentience. Telepathy on the other hand is essentially a watered down version of the same faculty but utilized by the body as the Self was not awake. The whole of the universe is one big electrical dance of forces, and even lowly aware creatures show an adeptness at being aware of their natural environment. With all sentient beings, the moment you become distracted in your own thoughts you will likely become a meal by some predator focused on the vibrations of their hunting grounds.

Regaining a working level of telepathy can be as easy as figuring out what your particular ‘confirmation’ manifests as. To give examples, I had a student early on that when she asked a question of the universe, a ‘yes’ answer would produce goosebumps up her left arm. She did not have a ‘no’ response. But her ‘yes’, or confirmation was quite accurate. For me a ‘yes’ means I feel a rush of energy from midsection to crown chakra. A ‘no’ answer I feel a rush of energy from midsection to base chakra. Confirmation does not come from the universe of course – it is a response from body to Self, whether or not that Self is Self aware or not.

My sister’s cat was seen crossing the street, and after his near death weeks earlier my sister was in panic mode. She crossed the street and walked up the neighbor’s driveway while I stood at the end of our’s. I had a hunch that he was not across the road, but was in fact on our side. I asked my body to tell me which side he was on. If he was across the street let the front of my body light up with energy. If he were behind me on our property let the back side of my body light up with energy. The thought was not even out before the entire back length of my body ‘fired’ up with an electrical charge. A few minutes later it was confirmed that he was on our side.

Like developing any new ability, it takes practice figuring out how to communicate with your body. Unless a confirmation signal is absolutely proven to be accurate, then do not use it. There is some physical reaction that you will be able to utilise as a trustworthy way of getting yes/no answers. Remember too, that there is an ‘I don’t know’. The body is not always going to have the answers. An ‘I don’t know’ is neither a yes nor a no…just a neutral non-signal. Experience has taught me that the more emotional you are at requesting an answer, the least accurate that answer will be. Ask as detached as possible.

I have only recently begun to use the telepathy of my body for other instances where a little non-physical help could be useful. Such as with my sister’s cat, I asked the body for directions rather than a yes/no response. You will simply want to experiment with this mostly untapped ability of your body to see what benefits you might derive from it. This way too you can find your own answers instead of constantly seeking outside of your personal experiences for guidance. Like all new exploration, don’t bet the farm on a hunch. Learn to discern a reliable answer from a emotionally charged desired answer.

To figure out what your confirmation signal is, simply ask your body. At first there may be multiple physical responses to the request for a sign. Keep trying until some physical phenomena stands out. Then test the accuracy of the confirmation, all while keeping open to other physical signals that might be not noticed before. Eventually you will find your own personal physical signature confirmation. I know mine has saved me from a lot of grief over the years I have used it. It is a great backup to an already accurate intuition, and a good way to have a beneficial relationship with your body. Learn to ask your body and learn to listen to it. It is a very useful discipline to be present, and to objectify the body.

~ DC Vision


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