There is no spiritual path. There is only your awareness in this moment. It determines what you are capable of experiencing – the percentage of truth that you can discern. Everyone that has a similar awareness you will see, and you will hear. We call that resonance. You will not resonate with people who have an awareness much lower than your own, and you will not see or hear someone with an awareness much higher than your own.

You will resonate with what has been created by another with a similar awareness. A book that was written by someone with a much higher awareness will not resonate with you today. You might still find it, but the words will seem like gibberish for the most part. Pick up the same book at a later date, having evolved to a higher awareness, and the same book will become digestible and perhaps contain the words needed to help you presently. Look back to the things you were attracted to when you were younger. Do you notice a natural progression in your tastes in music, literature and movies? This is because of your expanded awareness. Those who do not grow spiritually never outgrow the taste of their youth. Songs, movies and books I liked as a kid for the most part have me wondering why I ever saw any value in them.

You do not do anything to evolve. Evolution happens to you, not by you. It is a natural unfolding process or expansion of hearing and seeing…and comprehension of what is being experienced. The items and people that suddenly appear because your awareness expanded were there all along. You simply did not see them or hear them. Now, with a higher awareness you suddenly have items and people come into your experience. This seemingly forward progress into experiences that expand your awareness feels like a path, taking place over time, when in reality it is only you now…and now…and now capable of being aware of new things that you presently resonate with.

The expansions are cyclic. There are times when you get a rush of epiphanies, new experiences and abilities. Those times I refer to as ‘high tide’. There are times when new awareness is being assimilated into your aggregate awareness. Those times I refer to as ‘low tide’. The high tides is when you feel like you are doing something right to progress along the path. The low tides is when you feel like you are slacking behind and should be doing something to help yourself along the path. The truth is it is the low tides that the work is being done to you – not by you, but to you. The payoff is a new high tide once the present awareness of the last high tide has been assimilated. The awareness gets assimilated by being attracted to new experiences, people and items that resonate with you. Once you understand, or discern your new awareness, then the next new awareness becomes available through a new high tide.

All you are ever doing is playing catch up to your present awareness. Once you have caught up the eyes and ears expand again. You never did anything to attract those people, experiences and items into your awareness. They were there all along. The only thing you can ever really do is try and discern what the people, experiences and items are saying to you, or showing you. What is your present awareness of what resonates with you presently? Learning to be aware of these expansion of awareness cycles can make the difference between strolling down the fictional spiritual path, or being dragged by the hair.


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  1. Hi DC,

    I couldn’t find your name on paltalk. Nevertheless what you are saying resonates so deeply that it feels like crying. There was an awakening here 8 days ago. Sincronicities all over the place. Right people appeared. I could see the selfishness in ‘me’ and it was really like Oneness was talking to me in every single drop of water, food, family, sun. I was on a overdrive (high tide as you said) and now strangely enough I do not remember how it happened. All I can say there was no doer and a clear seeing of ‘noticing/ knowing/seeing’.

    So I do not know anymore. I seeked for years to get it and I remember it so well 9 days ago. I stopped seeking, not because I was forced…because truth didn’t show up. Next day something strange started to happen. I wanted to speak with you on paltalk, but I couldn’t add you. YOu died? lol. I appreciate your page, but ‘awareness’cannot be put in a box. In the low tide it feels everyhing doesn’t make sense and still teachers appear to show how the thinking mind works and that everyhing just happens on its own accord. Lost in words now.

    Ty :-))

    The Toe

  2. DC is still alive, I’m pleased to say.

    Sometimes online as “DCVision”, and lately again as his old nickname “Corvus”.

    Add both as “pals.”

  3. You had a transpersonal experience – that goal of meditators throughout the ages. The key now is to try not to label it to death, or define it to death…but instead find the mechanics to return to that state at will. I know the mechanics quite well, but you will have to open you mind to ideas that are not going to be expressed elsewhere. Denying the Self is a dead end street that some never figure out a way to back out of…so be careful to not stand in any cement right now.

    DC Vision

  4. Thanks Aerist and DCVision/Corvus. That name sounds a bell.

    Yes, if I try to understand it, I am back in seeking. And yes, there seems to be a mechanic but it is lost sometimes. Wording it is food for more seeking which is the reason why hopelessness kicked in 9 days before the awakening. See you on paltalk perhaps.

    thanks both of you for the input.

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