All of us have lived our lives with prophecy dates looming in the near future. We have seen these dates come and go with little to no upheavals. After a while there begins to form a desensitivity to prophets and prophecies, and business as usual is the theme of the day. No prophecy date in my lifetime intrigues me more than the hysteria surrounding December 21, 2012. There is a growing population of perhaps over a billion people today that have some belief that the winter solstice of 2012 is going to herald a significant event for our species.

The interesting thing about the 2012 prophecies is they are embraced almost entirely by capitalism rather than any critical thinking. The date has led to hundreds of books being published, as well as hundreds of thousands of websites, as well as billions of dollars flowing freely through the New Age circuit for ‘expert’ lecturers. The hysteria  surrounding the varied prophecies cover the spectrum from pseudoscience to channeling aliens to psilocybin mushroom ingestors. The central prophecy comes from the Mayan calendar, although there is no prophetic text regarding any occurrences happening on the date itself. Modern Mayans dismiss completely the Westernized borrowing of their ancestor’s calendar for apocalyptic doomsday predicting.

Within the growing hysteria of the 2012 date is a phenomena which I have observed in my years around the fringes of the New Age & spiritual community – a serious lack of critical thinking accompanied by the borrowing of other people’s beliefs without knowing the actual origins of those beliefs. The psychology of the New Age movement is not too hard to figure out, even for a layman like myself. People dissatisfied and for the most part feeling left out of the unemotional technological machine that is humanity these days latched on to an idea that promises and promotes a new age of spiritual oneness and a return to earth-based pagan cultures. It is an emotional response to this intellectual age that is steamrolling over the sensitive people in its path.

Being an original thinker my whole life I have never been able to identify with the vicariously faithful. I still get amazed at how someone will defend ‘their’ beliefs until they get red in the face and hot under the collar – with little to no knowledge of where ‘their’ beliefs originated from. A great example is the Planet X or Niburu belief that a mysterious planet is whirling through space and is set to either collide or pass nearby the Earth in 2012, causing all manner of catastrophes. This belief is very widespread and originates from a channeled alien. That’s right, not the findings of astronomers, but the message of a channeled alien! Astronomers have calculated that such an object so close to the Earth would be visible to anyone looking up at the night sky.

There is a whole book and lecture industry surrounding the idea that the planet Niburu has inhabitants that are our alien progenitors. No one seems to have critical thinking regarding how a species could survive on a planet travelling through deep dark space without a constant nearby sun. They would have had to survive in an unbelievably harsh environment but somehow found the Earth habitable at some long lost date in the past to brred and seed our ancestors. Sounds beyond stupid if you just ask some questions of the idea.

We scoffed at Harold Camping as the May 21, 2011 rapture date came and went. We are quick to point out that Reverend Camping predicted incorrectly the end days being in 1994. The same critical eye is not cast on the Planet X or Niburu date of 2012 – given an earlier predicted date of 2003 came and went, so new calculations had to be devised – and new books written, and new lecture tours booked, and more millions syphoned from the pockets of the emotionally gullible.

That said, I will leave anyone interested in the myriad of predictions and prophecies regarding December 21, 2012 to investigate further online. My obvious skepticism of all things New Age does not denote that I do not believe there is something of import in our immediate or proximate future. I have had an intuitive sense of an event approaching for some years now, but rather than rely on other people for my speculation & conjecture regarding it, I choose to keep with my own intuitions. I do not need to know the specifics or I would know the specifics. I have no intention of becoming another hysterical human with an end date.

What I am doing is living as if there is some meaning behind my intuitions of impending global change. I am preparing my Self so that I will not be one of the dumbfounded running around like a chicken with their head cut off. And that is why I ask any of you that believe December 21, 2012 will bring us some sort of cataclysm or global enlightenment…are you just passively waiting like a deer in the headlights?

What are you doing in preparation for massive global changes? If you are just talking to hear yourself talk, and are not doing anything to wake up or become enlightened then you deserve your hapless fate if the date turns out to be true. There are over a billion co-creators out there putting energy into that date, so who knows what that focused hysteria, fear or even hope is capable of creating?

~ DC Vision


December 21, 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. Another example of passive v active. People need to take some initiative to ACTIVELY develop their Self. It is the ONLY way the Self will be developed.

  2. DC said to me several times that if he were to live that long he thought he would enjoy watching the new-agers running around trying to explain why nothing much happened. We had some fun dreaming up some of the possible explanations, from dimension shifts to alien abductions.
    As he says above, though, he didn’t rule out the creative influence of so many people’s expectation. And he DID believe in other life-forms, from his own experience.
    He was clear, though, that this site was to be about your awakening, and he regarded speculative and irrelevant material as a distraction from that.

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