There is no such thing as karma. It is an absolute rubbish ideology based upon an awareness  of reincarnation, but with no understanding  of why someone would have to come back. The obvious answer to anyone not familiar with the evolution of consciousness would be a reward/punishment system, where one’s clean living diminishes one’s bad karma, and where one’s wrong living adds to the accumulative bad karma. Who decides what is good or bad in this system? One society’s sin is another society’s honor. Karma would be a very useful tool in trying to keep the ignorant masses in line. Why do animals reincarnate if they supposedly have no awareness of good or bad? It really is just another human-centric guess at the mysteries of the world.

Karma is another example of a belief system that has no reflection in the manifest world. Bad people often are rewarded with riches and long happy lives, where good people are often walked upon, taken advantage of in the world. The fact is there are no guarantees that bad or good behavior will have any particular outcome. There is however some guarantee that very smart people tend to make out better in life than very dumb people. But smart does not equal good or bad…both dispositions have been known to live long, healthy and fruitful lives.

No one has ever come back here with a previous life report card to let them know which actions got them good karmic grades and which actions gave them bad karmic grades. The very idea of there being some deity or natural law that decides your fate pretty much eliminates the delusion of free will. Karma is no different than any other limited belief in that with a little critical thinking there simply are too many holes in the idea. What makes more sense to you: that there is some cosmic good/bad rating system, or that experience leads to awareness  which leads to larger, more complex brains as we go on this long journey from pond scum to pre-frontal lobes to eventual wakefulness?

The Self is just a passive passenger until the awakening process begins, so it doing any willed good or bad deed makes no sense whatsoever. The values of good and bad make no sense given the Self is not even a conscious creative force here until it has evolved into some semblance of Self Awareness. Karma just doesn’t fit into what I know of the evolution of consciousness, and the awakening to Self Awareness. But it does neatly fit into a world four thousand years ago where knowledge of such higher awareness was not available. Karma should be placed on the shelf next to heaven and hell as part of the dusty catalogue of obsolete ideas from primitive times and primitive mysterious god beliefs.

~ DC Vision


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  2. It is difficult for me to comment on this topic – although I get asked a lot about it – without sounding as though I disagree with DC completely, so bear with me.
    DC believed very much in the flow, and he was very much in touch with it, and, in his own words “I am very obedient.” For the fully awakened, those who are in touch with and integrated with the flow, there is simply no consequence to their actions.
    Obviously, if you refuse to go with the flow, the river will apparently act against you. Actually, the river is doing nothing except flowing, you are doing it to yourself. But either because you cannot sense the river or you wilfully and arrogantly ignore it, some force outside of you appears to start acting against you. And the resolution occurs when you begin to sense the river and go with it’s flow, and you become “obedient,” and you evolve.
    Let’s give DC the last words:
    “The truth is, that truth is as good as the level of awareness perceiving it. Unless you are wide awake, and at the end of the evolutionary journey, then you have to assume that the truths you hold now will also be truths that will eventually be let go of. Everyone is right. Everyone’s truth is appropriate for their level of awareness, experiences, and inheritance of beliefs.” Perceptions

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