The active and passive principles are the sources or origins of all that is. The active enters the passive and a child is born, consciousness…manifesting as an animated form. The form portion derives from the passive principle. The animating force portion derives from the active principle. You need both for consciousness to be present. This marriage of active and passive principles produces the cause – or Ka, Khrisna, Crestos, Christ, Self, I Am, Witness, etc etc. Everything in the universe is moving along the same lines of evolution, from physical to emotional to intellectual to causal Self awareness. All animated sentient lifeforms fall somewhere on that spectrum of conscious evolution.

Eastern thought got sidetracked by an identification with the passive principle. The folly of this is that it is based entirely upon an erroneous belief of the origin of consciousness, rather than the present awareness of how it manifests. Self has absolutely no desire to return to its latent state of billions of years ago. So focusing on that primal state completely misses the trajectory that it is on right now in this moment. The vast majority of sentient life on this planet is brain deep in the dream, but that does not mean that the dream is not real to sentient life. So long as the brain believes reality is real, the Self is along for that bumpy ride.

Having an awareness of the passive principle is not going to keep you from incarnating again if that awareness is based on a perceptional fallacy. The passive principle is not the source of the Self. The fictional world appears after the marriage of the active and passive principles, not before it. It is simply not true that the passive principle is ‘pure consciousness’. Consciousness arises after the marriage, not before it. The passive principle has no consciousness whatsoever. It is only potential form waiting for a dreamer.

The transpersonal state attained in meditative practices has not been defined or described correctly for thousands of years. The Self  witnessed and was therefor separate from those experiences of ‘oneness’ and ‘non-duality’. The reason it feels like pure consciousness is because you withdrew so far back from the manifest world that you ceased indentifying with it – including the brain. You were still conscious, but you were not conscious of any thing having manifested yet. The world did not change before, during or after your meditation. The body was still back there in lotus position in your home. You simply stopped identifying with it.

Just because you have the ability to perceive where the physical part of the dream originates from does not denote that that origin is somehow the desired state for Self. The passive principle is not a state at all – it is only the origin of bodies. The reason it is experienced as a void is because no thing created out of it is being identified with in transpersonal states. I doubt the Self has any true desire to sit in no thing, doing no thing, being no thing, experiencing no thing and creating no thing. That negates its true nature. Denying that nature is suicide, not attainment of any enlightened state.

The Self does not have the option to witness the active principle as its source. The Self is what it is, or rather what it has evolved to in the moment. You cannot stop being the Self. You can only stop being active. A Self cannot return to its latent state of billions of years ago. Even if you have mastered transpersonal meditation you still are just witnessing the undifferentiated passive principle. But you remain your complete evolved awareness. People like to refer to this state as ‘pure consciousness’, but in truth is it simply a withdrawn state of being placed in ‘pause’ or ‘neutral’. Self awareness evolves only through activity.

Take inventory of what you know of this universe, and what you know of incarnated Self. Does it show any signs that a return to nothingness is what it either desires or is evolving towards? Even while you slept all these billions of years, and bigger more complex brains have had to be devised to hold all your awareness, does it seem inactivity and aversion to creating have been evolution’s goal? These current big brains seem to me to have been designed to wake us up – to make us conscious creators aware of the fact that the body’s reality was not our reality once awakened. At the very core of what you are, which sounds more appealing – being no thing or creating something awake?

That is the true irony of the paradigm shift – the East meets West neophytes suppose it to be a return to unity & oneness, when in fact it is a recognition of there being two separate sources for all that is, and ceasing to identify with the passive side of the equation. That will be what sets us free to explore and experience the Self as a free agent of free will and conscious creativity. Oneness is an absurd delusion to anyone with critical thought. There has never been, nor will there ever be any representation of oneness in creation – that state is billions of years long gone – prior to the active and passive principles’ first meeting. A non-differentiated source does not equal a non-differentiated present day reality. The subatomic particles that make up matter are not equal to the final manifestion.

~ DC Vision


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