I spent exactly one evening of my life in a class that was offered to teach me to become a healer. I was only a few months into my calling and the idea of healing someone with my hands was something that really appealed to me. Throughout the class there was an internal dialogue taking place inside of me where I found myself disagreeing with most of what I was being taught.

That strong sense of Self was new to me, but the information it was countering the classroom teacher’s with made a great deal of sense to me. Mostly it had to do with the teacher telling me to give away my own powers and to channel some outside guide or force. To me this made little sense as I had an inherent knowing that I was the source of the healing power, and giving my abilities over to some imaginary guide or imagined deity seemed like an unnecessary and inefficient process.

If you are right handed, that is your healing hand, and the left is your receiver. I being left handed am opposite. I heal with the left, and draw things out with the right. One of the things I found I immediately disagreed with was the idea of ‘hands on’ healing. The act of placing my hands on another seemed to greatly limit my ability to ‘see’ inside of them to where the problem was. I am clairsentient. That means I sense things metaphysically. My left hand being the pointer to the issue, I simply extended my Self beyond the fingertips and entered into the physical body of the one I was healing. Once in their body I was naturally drawn to the ‘worst thing first’. The inner terrain of another resembled a three dimensional drawing on a screen in my mind.

That was an interesting phenomena – to be both within the other person’s body using my external sense (clairsentience), while also being inside my body using the brain as a screen to project the information on. My awareness was in two locations at once, with the internal awareness directing the external awareness, and the external awareness informing the internal awareness. Awake using the brain to interpret information, not asleep letting the brain do the interpreting for me. Awake active, asleep passive.

Becoming a Master of healing is like becoming the Master of any trade…removing the mystery and figuring out the mechanics. Pain for all its distraction and drama is a very simple mechanism. It is an alarm system. It is not the damage. It is the alarm pointing to the damage. It is a signal to the brain loud and clear, ‘hey there is something wrong here!’. Shutting off the alarm does nothing to heal the person, but it does take away the majority of what they are suffering with.

Learning to manipulate nerves was very useful early on in my healing work. Nerves respond to energy without reservation. It is their function to send and receive information. They deal in communication between the brain and its internal environment. Master a relationship between yourself and the nervous system and you have figured out much of the mechanics of being a healer.

For complex issues it was simply shut off the alarm system and tell the client to seek medical assistance. Mastery is knowing what is within your ability, and what is the territory of medical experts. No healer can heal everything. Knowing this can save clients from suffering unnecessarily. For simple issues you need a general understanding of the body’s systems, and what foods, vitamins, herbs, supplements or exercises could be implemented to correct the problem.

The body has a remarkable healing system in place. Remove the distraction of the pain alarm, offer advice of appropriate nutrition or exercise to assist, and the body will do its thing as it has for millenia. Most of what you will come into contact with as a healer can be resolved with the information just shared. Do not give away your natural ability to actively heal to any outside guide or source of power. You are the source and you have lived in a body with its immune system for decades. You will be surprised how much information you have picked up over those years as to how your body operates.

Explore with people that understand you are experimenting with discovering your innate abilities as a healer. Insist the person being healed be absolutely honest with you as to your affectiveness. Once you have enough experience to trust yourself, then branch into healing clients that you do not know. The idea is this work is not about appearances. It is about alleviating pain and suffering. Do not be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’. Most people are going to prefer you be honest than be blindly poking around energetically inside of them.

You are going to come across issues that are simply beyond your experience. Direct the client to other healers more experienced than yourself. Once you have been doing this for a while you learn that you are never sent someone that you cannot assist on some level…even if that assistance is to direct them elsewhere. So get to know other healers, too, and their areas of effectiveness. Ask if they can help you to become more aware of their specific type of healing. We should be a community of reaching out and assisting others to be the best they can be to help those who cannot afford, or who are getting no results from the medical industry.

I can tell the experience of a healer the moment they start to offer medical advice. As a healer if you ever witness someone telling a person to quit their medications call them on it immediately. This is where the low level inexperienced healers can be so dangerous. You must never tell another person to go against the advice or medications of a professional doctor. You can attempt to heal the person of the affliction and if successful, tell them to see their doctor with the new state of being healed. The doctor will choose to drop the medication or not. Whether a Master Healer or not, as far as the world is concerned, you are not a professional and should act responsibly.

What makes a healer become a Master Healer is knowledge and experience removing parasitic entities. If you have not come into contact with parasitic entities before then you have no business calling yourself a Master. Most unexplained, incurable illnesses can be directly attributed to them. A parasitic entity is a Self that has not gone to the light. Earthbound, they look for the nearest and easiest warm body to parasite off of. Once they attach to the person’s nervous system, an all out battle takes place between the body and this parasitic entity.

I am not going to go into removing parasitic entities or describing the phenomena beyond this introduction. The reason is simple. This is not an area an inexperienced healer should be delving into without some guidance. If it interests you then find a Master Healer that is willing to teach you the ropes of parasitic entity removal. Once the entity has been removed the body stops fighting and defending itself and the person finds they return to some semblance of the natural state of health they possessed before the possession took place. Again, simple mechanics. The body uses all of its defenses including imposed illness to drive out the entity. Once removed the body returns to business as normal. Some of the body’s defenses can be quite inventive and very uncomfortable for the Self  in the middle of this battle.

I have removed over 1000 of these over my years as a Master Healer. I did not have a teacher to help me, but I did have a very strong innate sense to take the exploring of them slowly and safely. It took a few of them attaching themselves to me after removing them from another person for me to take the experimentation seriously. Dabbling in this area of the metaphysical is highly not recommended for a beginner. I am not available as a teacher so do not ask. For now as a healer or aspiring Master Healer take what I have offered and build upon it. I generally do not comment on existing traditions such as reiki because any healing is good healing…even if the modality is Self limiting. I figure you will figure that out as you go.

It might seem as if I only skimmed the surface of what healing is, but knowledge of your ability to send and draw energy, of the body’s inherent healing abilities, nerves, nutrition and exercise is the key to the majority of ailments that you will work on. The rest will either be beyond the abilities of a healer – such as long standing or genetic conditions that require professional medical services, or parasitic entities which neither the medical institutions or you will have any effect on unless you gain experience as an apprentice with a Master Healer. It really does come down to simple mechanics as much of my essays point out.

~ DC Vision


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    • I am sorry that you feel attacked by a parasitic entity, and understand completely that you want it removed.

      I hope that you come to the attention of a Master Healer who can help you. To help yourself do that, it will be important that you change your lifestyle sufficiently to stop the entity returning to you – DC became convinced that those he healed had little incentive to change their lives sufficiently to avoid picking up another parasite, or indeed the same one.
      He felt that things that weakened the personal will, like needy “friends”, alcohol, drugs, made it a lot easier to pick one up and keep it. He also said that I wouldn’t get one because I had spiritually developed myself enough with meditation and purification that they wouldn’t be able to get near me. So, a few ideas for you to try there.

  1. Months ago, in the beginning of my awakening, I had overwhelming senses that I was somehow supposed to aid in the process of healing others. I say senses because, it wasn’t my thoughts that made me feel this, but instead it was a felt sensation. To a few I even vocalized this feeling. Is there something I should be doing to seek this direction or discern its meaning?

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