At first glance the terms ‘spiritual’ & ‘atheism’ enjoined would seem an oxymoron in the least, but I am not the first to come to an awareness that knowledge of spiritual & metaphysical truths are not a necessary negation of a non belief of a superimposed deity. Too often the idea of being an atheist is ignorantly expanded to include all sorts of negative connotations, when in fact all the word ‘atheist’ implies is that the person does not believe in god or gods.

Considering that no living person or dead one that we honestly know of has ever met any god would seem to favor a large atheist population in the world. But the truth is I belong to the vast minority. Add spiritual & metaphysical wisdom to the mix and the minority shrinks down to virtual nonexistence. Beliefs should be about critical, rational, logical and contemplative thinking, but as everyone knows faith is not about truths as much as it is about feelings and the acceptance and inclusion in a community.

I worked as a very adept spiritual medium for almost 8 years. I was very good at what I did. The experiences that I had over the years communicating with spirit and entities left me with an unshakable knowing that our consciousness does survive the physical body’s death. What surprises me is how anyone can draw a straight line with a straight face and announce that this in any way denotes that there must be a deity involved. Not a single spirit or entity ever reported back having met, seen or been greeted by any god in their afterlife experiences. Sure some had beliefs of a god that they carried with them from their life here, but were still waiting for a sign like the rest of the faithful still incarnated.

I have entered into transpersonal states many times over the years since my awakening to Self Awareness. Not once have I ever come into contact with deity of any kind. In that state you really get to experience the mechanics of awareness and Self. I came to witness two sources – the passive & active principles. These were the sources for all forms and all Selves. Neither was a deity, and neither had any personality of any sort at their primary state. Finding our source and the manifest world’s source through experience, and not through books or gurus is a concept changer. You simply cannot argue with experience – perceptions yes, but experience is quite convincing.

You can imagine how difficult it has been for someone like me to have meaningful dialogue with anyone not Self Aware. The people I have shared my awareness with have literally expressed exasperation that I cannot see that there is either a deity, or that my spiritual beliefs do not constitute me being a true atheist. In other words, I piss off both sides of the debate. Spirituality does not equal deity beliefs. And atheism does not equal a disbelief and scepticism in all things spiritual & metaphysical. The label if I do in fact require a label of ‘spiritual atheist’ is a literal definition of my awareness.

I cannot understand how people can speak fervently of beliefs that they embrace loosely, while knowing little to nothing of the source material or historical reference of the times of the belief embraced. I do not claim any belief that I have not experienced and contemplated upon deeply. I do not believe that the religious are stupid or even misinformed. It is their perceptions of any experiences that I would question, not their faith. To be honest I have no interest in converting anyone to my perceptions.

It simply is none of my business what others believe so long as they don’t trespass on my peace. I promise not to trespass on theirs, too. That to me is the sure sign of maturity – that one can allow the other person their beliefs. My spiritual atheism is not a loosely held ontological system…I arrive at it from many years of experience, contemplation and critical thinking. My awareness does stands up to critical thinking. Does yours?

~ DC Vision


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