DC Vision has recorded most of his writings from this site as mp3 audio files.
DC was keen to point out that these are functional readings and not a performance! They were, however, read aloud by him.


All About our Teacher, DC Vision
In The Beginning (not recorded)
Journey To A Spiritual Life

Blessed By Grace (The Calling, First Part) (not recorded)
Making Contact (The Calling, Second Part) (not recorded)
The Promise of Release (The Calling, Third Part) (not recorded)


DC’s Essays to Wake Up to. 

What You Need to Know

The Spiritual Path

The Script

The Unconscious Creator

High (Anxiety) Awareness

Body Reactions

The Present Moment

Asleep > Enlightenment > Awake

The Limitations of Eastern Thought

Paradigm Shift

The Historical Self

What Is The Self?

The Evolution of Awareness

The Mechanics of Sleep

What Being Awake Is Not

The Knowing

Retiring From Your Historical Role

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

An Open Letter To The Body

Perpetually Awake


DC’s Teachings from Experience.

Astral Ponderings.mp3

Chatterbox Mind.mp3

21st December 2012.mp3

Evolution Versus Intelligent Design.mp3


Learning Dialogue.mp3

Master Healer.mp3

Master Teacher.mp3


Parasitic Entities And Spirit Guides.mp3

Past Lives


Protecting The Aura.mp3

Spiritual Atheism.mp3

Spiritual Drug Use.mp3

Teacher Talk

Telepathy and Confirmation

The Holy Spirit.mp3

The Weight of Fiction

Vibration And Awareness.mp3

What Belongs to You

What Do You Want To Create?

Why Do I Serve.mp3


DC’s Stories

60 Minutes.mp3

Good Ripples

My Favorite Healing Story

September 11th

The Big Teddy Bear

The Bug Zapper Contemplation

Gracie Watches Over Me

I Stand Alone

Interdependence Day

The Narcissists of Consumption





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