As many of you who have worked with me over the years know I have been on a waiting list to get an apartment here in Maine for over two years. There is a real shortage of housing in this area, so a several year wait is not uncommon. I received the phone call two weeks ago that I was the next in line and an apartment had opened up for me. It is the perfect location and the ideal unit in the complex. That said, I should be making the move sometime in the next week or so, and thus will be offline for a short period until I can get internet & phone access. I am very limited in funds so any help financially would be greatly appreciated and needed – just hit the PayPal button.


Moving Soon – 09.Aug.12 — 2 Comments

  1. Am still waiting on the move. The apartment is being renovated, so maybe one more week or so. Still could use any financial help I can get – it will cost much more than I have to pay movers, set up cables and pay any deposits needed…let alone buying anything such as bathroom or kitchen items needed. No amount is too small, so thanks in advance to anyone able to help with the extra needed.

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