There will be no species wide evolution of consciousness. This is romanticism, and is not supported by any historical evidence. If you were to take the most Self aware of all the religions & philosophies in this world and put these men & women in a room together, you would be lucky to get them to agree on much of anything. That is the most aware of us.Toss in the barely civil remainder of the population and you get the sense there will be no holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya My Lord’, laughing and dancing into the New Age riding unicorns up rainbow glitter rays of light. Honestly, snap out of it!

The Earth is not a pre-arranged school for human souls, nor a paradise. It is unaware Selves bumping into, measuring up, and dining off of or with each other. This is a sphere of fears associated with limitation and separation. It is a sphere of billions of years of pain and suffering, long before the human form ever emerged.

~ DC Vision


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