One of the more unfortunate things to happen to a seeker is to have a single Self experience, and then have the rest of their evolution process put on hold as they cling to that. I have met more than a few over the years that had a transpersonal experience years or decades before that shook them to their core, but as they had no process of evolving awareness leading up to it, they found themselves stuck in neutral.

These experiences do not seem to have any correlative relationship to their lives at the time, and do not tend to ever happen again after the event. Had these people known that awakening is an evolutionary process, where truths of yesterday are usurped by truths of today endlessly until one is awake, then they would not cling to a single experience from years or decades prior. One thing is certain – no matter the feeling of importance or revelation regarding the event – if they are not awake now, then they were not awake then. This means the experience was perceived, defined and labelled by their brains and is not in the least trustworthy.

Most of the people I have met that had one of these life altering transpersonal experiences simply had a brief encounter with the passive principle. The effect of that would be a heightened sense of ‘oneness’. This is because the brain, and all bodies originate from the passive principle. The Self, however, originates from the active principle. So their perceptions of oneness are purely from a body-centric point of view, and thus are erroneous regarding the Self’s nature and characteristics.

If your awareness is not perpetually changing and refining over the years since your single experience, then you are trapped in a perceptional fallacy – which can last lifetimes, not only years. This should be sobering to anyone that truly wishes to free themselves from their fiction. My awareness from 5 years ago embarrasses me today, and I was awake at the time.

The essays on this website go through deep edits annually because what I thought I knew a year ago is replaced by what I think I know now. That is the only true sign of an evolving consciousness…change. If your beliefs got stuck on the day of your single Self experience, then you are not going to wake up, ascend or any other imagined outcome that you perceived.

At least contemplate on this – you may have been stuck in this same stagnant awareness for lifetimes, or may be cementing your awareness for lifetimes. Fear of challenging your beliefs means they are not based in any truth to begin with. Experience, no matter how life altering, is a bread crumb, not the whole meal.

~ DC Vision


Single Self Experiences 11.Apr.12 — 1 Comment

  1. It seems to cover two very important points that keep seekers mired in a marsh of their own making: the tendency to believe that “I got it in meditation so it must be a once-and-forever-truth” and “because I experienced this, and others I’ve read about have experienced this, there is nothing more left to experience.”

    And, having relatives stuck in fundamentalist religion, I like the simple message that
    if a truth can’t be questioned, it can’t be a truth to begin with.

    This seems important.

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