You need a body & its brain to experience and collect your thoughts in. Withdraw from the form, and thinking becomes an impossibility. This is why I believe that those who practice transpersonal meditation are experiencing states with erroneous perceptions. There is nothing transcendent happening. It is the opposite in fact that is taking place. You are not going beyond, you are withdrawing to a latent and passive state of being.

These philosophies of Self awareness are attached to the idea that a return to ‘pure’ consciousness will mark the end of all suffering. They are correct in their assumptions – not much is going to happen to you if you sit in repose all day on a cushion chanting…but is that the ideal? Not only will all suffering cease, but all conscious evolution will too. I see no evidence that consciousness desires returning us to a state of non-being 15 billion plus years ago. The entire collective experience of conscious existence has been moving in one direction only…diversity, duality, discovery and awakening.

~ DC Vision


Diversity Duality Discovery & Awakening – 26.Mar.12 — No Comments

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