DC Vision Poetry I
For Those Who Are Called

for you have been called
and dragged over mountains
and down harrowing valleys
and arrive here
at the very edge of
the mystery

forget what you know
it will not help you now
forget your past
it was a dream
let go of expectations
you cannot imagine
the dark night
that you will crawl through
or the brilliant dawn
awaiting on the other side

your masks are paper
and your walls are dust
there are no defenses
for none are possible
you will be made available
to experience all of your fears
and have your truth scoffed at
for its littleness and limitation

you will become naked
with all of your drama
all of your importance
made to be flammable
from these ashes
born anew
from the inside out

self awareness
is not for cowards
for the courageous
shall inherit the heavens
and the meek
shall inherit the earth

~ DC Vision


Drunk Dry Three Times

the first layer of me
was shed like a skin of emotions
words that cut and raged
like a wild fire
at me and from me
all defensive and all repetition
until it burned away
all semblances of me
and I knew I felt nothing

the second layer of me
was shed like a skin
of inflated words
and definitions upon definitions
lip service
in place of experience
shown the light of day
by the experiencial fact
that I did not know anything

the third layer of me
was shed like the skin
of the snake that lived
in the tree of knowledge
of good and evil
all of my skins
falling to the ground
like pages of books
I have lived and read them all
and come away
knowing I am nothing

the fourth layer of me
is an empty cup
drunk dry three times

~ DC Vision



I look so familiar at a glance
but with a quick tilt of the face
I become the perfect stranger
just another shape in its place
I walk in a reality of vibration
and touched lives in my duration

I am a caress upon your secrets
dancing this mystery into the light
I know how you hate to love your pain
and have to sleep with it every night
I am that reflection in your mirror
lacking definition before it’s clearer

I can freeze this moment adeptly
like none other ever has before
I can hold your fiction at arm’s length
characters you have grown to deplore
I know what my actions will come to
if you cannot stop pretending to be you

I have watched the moth reject the flame
and come away seeking the antithesis
I know the static existence of dreamers
downed by faith in fairy tale hypotheses
I have nothing but empathy for your confusion
but do not want a lasting role in your delusion

I will tempt your potential tonight
but it’s your life and your story
it’s your mistake or your glory to write
I will be the muse for first impressions
rhyme like a rebel without discretions
and see if you ever get the story right

~ DC Vision



born again with your appetites in tow
is just another way to be of the world
seeking through experiences of others
a vicariously long way towards becoming

you can walk all the paths of the world
and revise and debate dusty disciplines
but beliefs, faith, and verbose opinions
do not demonstrate experiential knowing

put your need to hear yourself to sleep
for you really have nothing new to say
why take credit for the original thoughts
of those that have earned their definitions

you can dress yourself in external worth
fill your space with the idols of a worshiper
but only a child is enamored by the things
that shine and distract from poverty within

it was never a path that you were seeking
you have been on a treadmill of validation
in an effort to cling to your borrowed truth
your presence is squandered in expectation

the answers were never out there tomorrow
there is only this moment for you to discover
set aside verbosity for Poor Richard saying:
‘you never learn a thing when your mouth is open’

~ DC Vision


It Is What It Is

inherent in being
a human being
there are many far worse off
there are many far better off
the least easily forgotten
in the yearning for the most

the evolution withdrawing from externals
the evolution revealing and birthing the internal
it is what it is at any given moment
what it is
is either filmed by expectations
or is let go of for the peace
afforded by those who know
what it is

there is nothing now to do
i allow the words to represent
how simple is this moment
how complex is the truth
depending on your reference

it takes a certain courage to live
it takes a certain courage to die
perched between these two outcomes
are lives experienced
either being it
or doing it
neither superior
if there is no attachment to time
or how many lifetimes it takes
it is what it is

~ DC Vision


The Smoking Cell

this chapter for me has ended
i’ve taken my early retirement
from the stage of scripted life
and took a seat in the theater

all the roles that i have played
rolled off my tongue with ease
so comfortable as a chameleon
feeding appetites of my peers

we’ve been attracted to titillation
been in love with background noise
we have not known a moment of peace
from the chatter of our attachments

but i have grown weary of distraction
and all those superficial sweeteners
it took only a moment’s hold of silence
for me to stretch it into liberation

this was always the song’s lovely lyrics
that seemed to fall short of awakening
because the words never did reach
beyond my moving lips to the heart

some go out like a phoenix rising
some leave behind new philosophies
some alter our perceptive realities
and some disappear so effortlessly

i am of this moment of our posted time
a sad witness to the decline of originality
there is truly nothing new under the sun
that isn’t already screwed up to perfection

~ DC Vision


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